Week 9: Pentecost Sunday | Children@Apostles

Welcome to Virtual Church for Pentecost. This is a really important day for us as we celebrate the church’s birthday. This day is a reminder of the first time that the Holy Spirit came to help us. It’s amazing how He still helps us today, so as we celebrate on zoom, let’s remember that because we have the Holy Spirit to help us, we can still see miracles today. Remember you can get extra points by answering the questions and doing the activities here. Have a good week.

Bible Bit
• Read John 10:1-1 and Acts 2:1-47 in your Bible
• Watch this video telling the story:

Practice listening to Jesus this week by praying and reading your Bible so that you can understand what he is likely to be saying to you and then putting that into practice.

3 Questions:
• What sound did the people in the room hear?
• Who stood up to talk to the people?
• How many people were “added to the number that day”?

3 things to think about:
• What does it mean for you when you know that if you call on God you will be saved?
• What can you do to help people to know Jesus?
• Which of the fruits of the Spirit do you want more of?

1. Pentecost Jigsaw
You will need: card felt tip pens or coloured pencils scissors.
Colour in the picture and then cut out along the wiggly lines to make yourself a jigsaw.

2. Pentecost spinner
You will need: white paper, glue, Sellotape, glue, felt-tip pens or coloured pencils, and scissors.
Print out the spinner onto white card, following this link:
then use the instructions on the spinner sheet to make your spinner.

3. Make a recycled plastic bag kite
You will need: 24 recycled straws, sticky tape, recycled carrier bags, scissors.
Follow the instructions by clicking on the link below 


Pray this prayer with your family:

Dear God, thank you that you for sending your Holy Spirit to us! Thank you for starting the Church! Thank you for loving us! We love you back! Amen.

Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s prayer at noon every day.

Today one of our songs reminds us that God is with us whatever we are doing
“Every Move I Make”:

This one helps us to praise God even in difficult times and is our special song this term "Never be Shaken":

See you next week, kids! x