Week 8: Thy Kingdom Come | Children@Apostles

Welcome to our #ThyKingdomCome special kids session. At Holy Apostles we take part in this event every year, to focus on prayer and pray for five friends who don’t know Jesus, to meet him and know him as we do. We have lots of prayer ideas every week and this week we are looking not only at praying by speaking but also by listening to God. If you are listening to Jesus we need to test what we think, we hear to be certain that we are hearing Him properly, so if we think He is telling us to hurt somebody, we know that He would never do that so we need to listen carefully to what He is telling us. Don’t forget zoom Children@Apostles on Sunday at 10am and our Family zoom prayer tea PARTY on Monday at 4pm, see you there!

You can see a picture of some animals and their ears attached below. Unfortunately, the ears have come off the animals. Can you match them up and put them back together?
Animals need their ears to find food and listen out for predators. What do you need your ears for? Who do you listen to?

Bible Bit

• Read John 10:1-11 in your Bible
• Watch this video telling the story:

Practice listening to Jesus this week by praying and reading your Bible so that you can understand what he is likely to be saying to you and then putting that into practice.

1. Unique fingers
You will need: paper a pen or pencil and paint.
Make a unique tree, instructions here: 

2. Pasture Biscuits
You will need: 2 plain biscuits, a plate, green icing, spoons, long sweets, cola strips, liquorice laces, and mini marshmallows.
• Cover the top of the biscuits with green icing using a spoon.
• Then place long sweets around the outside edge of the biscuits to make a fence (leaving a gap for the gate) and add a few marshmallows to the centre of each biscuit to represent sheep.
• Keep the biscuits to use in the family prayer

3. Steve’s Simple Sheep
You need: an old envelope, glue, cotton/wool matchsticks or similar black felt tip pen (optional)
Make five sheep one for each of your five friends. Instructions:

Pray this prayer with your family:

Dear God, help us to stay focussed on you this week. When we are worried or happy, when we are with others or alone, when we feel tired, and when we feel most alive. Keep us listening to you. Amen.

Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s prayer at noon every day.

Both our songs today one reminds us that God is with us whatever we are doing
“Every Move I Make”:

This one helps us to praise God and pray called Glory and honour: