Week 7: Patience | Children@Apostles

As we continue to look at the fruits of the Spirit, we hope that we will get closer to God. This week we are learning about patience, and what this means for us. We have added some bonus questions to the bible bit anyone who answers them and posts them on the comments on Facebook or HA virtual Caffe will get a bonus point for each right answer.

Bible Bit
Read John 5:1-15
Or watch the story here:

Bonus questions
1. What was the name of the pool?
2. Why was the sick man waiting by the pool?
3. How long had the sick man been waiting?
4. Who healed the sick man?

3 Things to think about
1. When is it hard for you to be patient?
2. How do you feel when someone skips your turn?
3. How can you keep from getting angry when you have to be patient?

Here is a song about to help us to learn the fruits of the Spirit:

Our song for this term:


1: Make a card and ask for one back
You need: card, envelope, stamp, something to decorate your card with paper, pen or pencil to write a note on
Make a card for someone who you like. Write them a note telling the person that you have made the card for that you are learning about patience and would love it if they could send you a note back. Put the card in an envelope, address it, put the stamp on, and take it to a post box and post it. See how long it takes them to send you something back.
You could put another envelope in with your name address and a stamp on it to make it easier for the person to reply to you.

2: Grow some crystals
What you need: 1/4 cup Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate), 1/2 cup water shallow bowl or dish sponge (optional), food colouring (optional)
What to do: Follow this link for full instructions https://www.thoughtco.com/growing-epsom-salt-magnesium-sulf…

3: Spot the difference
What you need: a copy of the puzzle from the link and a pen or pencil
The man was very patient waiting by the pool to be healed. After he met Jesus his life became very different after Jesus healed him. So test your patience by finding the 10 differences in the picture.

Prayer Time
Say this prayer with your family today:

Dear God, please help us become patient people. Help us to wait on your timing in all things, and keep us from complaining or becoming angry while we wait. Amen.

Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s Prayer at noon.