Week 5: Joy | Children@Apostles

As we start to look at the fruits of the Spirit, we hope that we will get closer to God! This week we are learning about JOY, and what this means for us 😃🥰.

Bible Bit

Read Luke 15:8-10
Or watch the story here

3 Things to think about
1. What do you do if you lose something you care about?
2. Why is it important to share your happiness with other people?
3. Why does God want us to be happy?

Songs here is a song about to help us to learn the fruits of the Spirit:

A song about Joy and Hope:

1) Explosions of Joy
You need: black paper, glue sticks, glitter in several colours, pencils, scissors; optional - template provided.
What to do:
Use your glue stick to draw lines and firework type patterns with a glue stick and then sprinkling glitter over. To use the glitter most effectively, have them shake off the excess onto a tray or something similar so that it can be re-used. Leave it to dry.
When it’s dry, cut the letters JOY out of the firework picture. You can use the template below to make the letters nice and big and regular. The easiest way to do this is to draw around them in pencil on the back of the fireworks picture. Remember to put the ‘J’
back-to-front when you do this to end up with it the right way around on the fireworks side.
You can mount the letters on a contrasting colour of the paper or hang them like a mobile.

2) Full of Joy
What you need: the person shape (
www.pinterest.com/pin/28147566397330663/ ), coloured pens or pencils.

What to do:
Fill up the person shape with the word JOY in lots of different colours and sizes. Let us know how you act if you are full of joy.

3) Joyful bean bag toss game
What you need:
bean bags or circles of felt or fabric about the size of a saucer rice or lentils rubber bands;
circles of paper and pens;
a list of things you don’t enjoy like going to the dentist, tidying my room, lose a game, or not seeing my friends.
What to do:
If you have bean bags you can use them or make some by simply cutting circles out of fabric putting rice or lentils into the middle and closing it with a rubber band.
Write on some of the circles of paper ‘I can be happy when I (use things off of your list)’ and on some circles draw a sad face.
How to play:
Put the circles on the floor close together.
Stand on the other side of the room behind a piece of tape. If there are two or more children, take turns throwing a beanbag and trying to avoid the sad face circles.
If the beanbag lands on a circle with words, read the circle and give the child a treat. If the beanbag lands on a sad face, the child goes to the back of the line and tries again when it is his turn.

Prayer Time
Say this prayer with your family today:

Dear God, thank you for giving us your peace. Help us to spread peace at home and at school by loving and caring for one another. Help us to spread peace by listening to one another, even when we don’t agree. Help us to spread peace by sharing our time with those who are lonely and who need a friend. Help us to spread peace by thinking and praying for children who have no food or who are frightened and live in fear. Let us pray every day for peace for our families, for our friends and for ourselves. Amen.

Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s Prayer at noon.


Share photos of your crafts in comments of our Facebook page and get extra points for our next Online Sunday school session in zoom 🙂
See you next week! x