April 19th, 2020 | Children@Apostles

Have you had a good week? Did you eat lots of Easter eggs? We did! But we still remembered to praise God and pray. We are missing seeing you all and are really looking forward to when we can meet together again. Until then we have some Exciting news from Sunday 26th April, we are going to do Zoom Сhildren@Apostles starting at 10a.m. for about half an hour with games and quizzes. If you or your child wants to take part but you don’t usually come on a Sunday morning, please pm us or contact the office for a log in code. We are insisting on this to keep our children safe online. Don’t forget we would love to see anything you make from this virtual Children@Apostles just post a picture in the comments.

For the next few weeks we are looking at “the fruits of the Spirit”. The fruit of the Spirit is a gift God gives Christians to help them live lives that please him and show his love to those who don’t know God. This week we will learn what they are then we will look at all the fruits in turn. We can then see how they work in our lives.


Bible Bit

Read Galatians 5:22-23

Or watch the story here:

3 Things to think about

1. How can we get the fruits of the spirit?

2. Who helps us to use the fruits of the spirit?

3. If we use the fruits of the spirit what difference might it make in our lives?


Songs here is a song about to help us to learn the fruits of the spirit:

And our song from last term:


1. Fruit of the spirit matching game https://ministryspark.com/…/Fruit-of-the-Spirit-activity-1.…

2. Make a raised salt cross picture

You need:

white paper or card, salt, glue, paint and a paint brush.

How to make it:

Draw or print and outline of a cross onto your paper or card (you can download an outline here https://sillywalksinthepines.files.wordpress.com/…/cross-te… )

Squeeze a thin line of glue along the edge of the cross to cover the outline.

Sprinkle table salt all over the glue.

Pour off the excess salt.

Dip your paint brush into the paint of your choice. Gently touch the salt with your brush and watch the colour spread. Let it dry!

When it’s completely dry, write the verse about the fruits of the spirit in the middle of the cross.

3. Make a fruit of the spirit jar

You need an empty jar paints, or stickers and paper to write on.

Decorate your jar and every time you use one of the fruits of the spirit write it on some paper and put it in the jar. Perhaps you could make it a competition with the rest of your family to see who gets the most.


Prayer Time

Say this prayer with your family today:


Thank you for giving us the fruit of the Spirit. We ask you to help us live each quality of the fruit of the Spirit. Help us to show love and joy. Please help us to have peace and show patience and goodness. Help us to demonstrate faithfulness and gentleness, and finally help us have self-control. Please help us show others your love by teaching us your ways and growing us as your children. Please help us, Lord, to show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in the various situations you put us in. Help us to use the fruit of the Spirit to show others what your love looks like. In Jesus name. Amen!


Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s Prayer at noon.


See you on Wednesday! x