Week 16: Through the Roof | Children@Apostles

This week are meeting a man who had some great friends. They found a really funny way to take him to meet Jesus. As usual there will be questions and activities for you to do and links to songs. I hope you like this session.

Bible Bit
Read Luke 5:17-26 or watch the story here:

Bonus questions:
• Why didn’t the men take their friend through the door?
• How did the friends get the man to Jesus?
• What did Jesus say to the man?
• Why were the Pharisees cross with Jesus?
• What did Jesus say to the man?
• What did the man do after he was healed?

3 Things to think about:
1. Do you think anything like this could happen today?
2. Why do you think Jesus and the people inside the house thought when the man came through the ceiling?
3. What did this show about Jesus?

Our new song for this term:

Here is a song about that reminds us that God is with us even when times are very hard. You might know it: 

1: Be a good friend
What you need: a printed copy of the template and felt tip pens or coloured pencils
What you do print the template (black and white page 2) - https://drive.google.com/…/0B3uNEVAAKowpbGt0S3JFZU05cUE/view

Colour the flowers and write ways you can be a good friend on them in the middle

2: Story Decoder
What you need: the template printed from the link below, pen or pencil
What to do: get the full instructions by following this link https://sermons4kids.com/jesus_heals_paralytic_decoder

3: Jesus heals the paralysed man craft
What you need: printed template (see below), scissors, glue, colouring pens (if you use the black and white template)
What to do: click the link and follow the instructions https://biblecraftsandactivities.com/…/Jesus-Heals-Paralyze…

Fun Fact- Did you know that in bible times the roofs were flat and had stairs on the outside of the house. This was because when it got too hot to be indoors people could go out and lie on their roofs.

Prayer Time
Say this prayer with your family today:

“Dear Heavenly Father: Just like the men carried their friend to Jesus for healing, we want to bring our friends to Jesus, too. We can do this by telling our friends about Jesus and bringing them to Him in prayer. Thank you so much for hearing and answering our prayers. Amen.”

Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s Prayer at noon.



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