Week 12: Gentleness | June 21

Hello and welcome to this week’s activities. As we continue to look at the fruits of the Spirit, we hope that we will get closer to God. This week we are learning about gentleness, and why it’s good to be gentle with other people. We have added some bonus questions to the bible bit anyone who answers them and posts them on the comments on Facebook or HA virtual Caffe will get a bonus point for each right answer. Remember you get five points for all the activities you complete too.

Bible Bit

Read 1 Samuel 25:1-35 or watch the story here:

Bonus questions:

Why did David think that Nabal would help him?

Who was friendly?

Who was unfriendly?

How did Abigail show gentleness to David and his men?

Whose friendliness stopped David from doing wrong?


3 Things to think about:

How can we be gentle towards others in words and actions?

Why might it be more helpful to be gentle with others than sharp and aggressive?

What might happen to us if we try to become gentler towards others?



Here is a song Lucy likes:

Our song for this term:


1: Word meanings

You need paper, pens or pencils, ruler (optional).

What to do draw a line down the middle of your paper to make two columns write GENTLE at the top of one column and NOT GENTLE on the top of the other column. Now, look at the list of words below. Some of these are gentle words and some are the opposite. Write the words in the right column. You can decorate it if you want to.

Words: placid, harsh, rough, tender, cruel, agreeable, kindly, hard, docile, unkind, violent, soft

2: Gentle lamb bookmark

You need: white printer paper 14 x 14 cm, black paper scraps or black pen, white scraps (or pens), glue stick (if using paper scraps), scissors

What to do: Follow this link to make your own gentle lamb bookmark. Perhaps you could use it in your bible to remind you to be gentle. 

3: Balancing dove toy

You need: white card, two pennies, a toothpick, clear tape, glue stick (optional - colouring supplies)

What to do: Follow the link for full instructions


Prayer Time

Say this prayer with your family today:  

“Lord, thank you that You love us so much that You gently lead us and guide us by Your Holy Spirit. Help us be gentle in the way we deal with others, and to continue to learn from You, Jesus, so that we can become more and more like You. Amen.”

Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s Prayer at noon.


See you next week! x