Week 10: Goodness and kindness | Children@Apostles

Welcome to Virtual Church we are now going to carry on looking at the fruits of the spirit. This week we are exploring goodness and kindness. Have you been listening to the songs? Are there any that you don’t know that you would like us to sing together when we can meet again? Remember you can get extra points by answering the questions and doing the activities here. Have a good week.

Bible Bit

There are 3 bits to our passage today:
1. Read Matthew 22:35-40
2. Now read John 14:15
3. Finally read Matthew 25:35-40
Every time we do something good for someone else, we do it for God and that makes him happy. What can you do that is kind today or this week?

You can also watch the video that my friend Liz has produced. It’s at:

Three Questions:

· What did Jesus say is the most important command?

· What did Jesus say you will do if you love him?

· What did Jesus say you do for him?

Three things to think about:

· How difficult is it for you to love other people? Especially if you don’t like them!

· Why is it important to make God happy?

· Why do you think it is important to be kind?



1) From my friend Liz
“Cut out two big hearts like the ones I used for telling the story. Remember that one is for loving God, and one for loving other people. Draw pictures or write words on the hearts that are examples of loving behaviour, e.g. singing praises to God, helping with chores at home. See if you can completely fill each heart shape. Remember that when we do these things, we show how much we love Jesus.”


You will need: A4 paper, coloured pens/pencils.
• Cut A4 paper in half lengthways so that you get two long strips.
• Fold your strip of paper in half, short end to short end, and then in half again, short end to short end.
• Draw a person shape on the top of the folded paper – making sure the arms and legs meet the sides. Cut out the person shape and unfold the paper – you should have a string of four.
• Think about four people who you would like to know Jesus. As you decorate the figures, pray that these people would know that they are loved and in turn would love Jesus and obey him by loving others.

Make a prayer box you can find instructions here:

Make a kindness calendar and do something kind every day:



This is our special song this term:

This is one we sing just to praise God because we love Him:

Prayer Time

Say this prayer with your family:

“Lord, we do love you for lots of reasons. Thank you for loving us first and for directing us to be loving people. Help us to show how much we love you by the way we love others this week. Amen”

Don’t forget to keep saying the Lord’s Prayer at noon. 

Thanks for joining us today, see you next time! x