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Hi Everyone, 
while we can’t meet in person, we can all still be a part of Children@Apostles. We post our weekly videos with a story and song on Wednesday and every Friday we have Sunday school sessions for you to do on Sunday and in the week.
You might like to download some bible apps two great ones are Guardians of Ancora by Scripture Union and “Superbook Bible for Kids” app. Guardians of Ancora is a great game full of bible games and Superbook bible has stories, games, quizzes, and puzzles. Both are a lot of fun to use. 
Our Vicar Jenny has asked us to all join in as a church and say the Lord’s Prayer at noon every day so why not write it out (printed below at the section of prayer time) and decorate it to use every day. 

Video 8+9: Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish🐟 +”God Suit On”

Video 8+9: Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish🐟 +”God Suit On”We remember the story of Jesus’ third appearance to His disciples after the resurrection, this wonderful breakfast – a reminding that God always watches us, wants to be reconnected with His children and always provides for them. As well, doesn’t this story demonstrate that […]

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